The Innovation Journey

From idea to business...

Greener Innovation is at the core of SeeF strategy and culture towards building and shaping the circular economy, and to develop bespoke solutions for our clients.

SeeF actively involve themselves in these objectives by engaging in our internal and external innovation process to develop bespoke solutions for customer challenges.

Innovators can submit their ideas. To start with, ideas are discussed informally within innovation workshops, promising ideas are then carried forward into the Innovation Den, where a formal pitching process takes place in front of customers, our Chief Executive Officer and Executive Committee Members. Approved ideas then gain mentoring support to test and then launch that innovative product into one of our business streams.

SeeF has set its goal to deliver the full electric economical vehicles and products. Our aim is to create the best possible range of services, with every step along the path to create an economical dream electric vehicle that saves energy and is eco friendly, and simple modifications to dedicated custom development to create bespoke unique vehicles working only with the highest quality suppliers and specialists out there.

Our love for electric cargo vehicles growing and proved to be a strong and reliable functional design that made us fall in love with.

We have found new ways to incorporate future electric concepts that still remains our daily drive and more plenty. We just want to make the good, a bit better.