Exclusive Interior Car Care

Vacuum Floor Rugs, Mats, and Hard-to-Reach Areas

With Seef, nothing remains out of sight! Our deep dry steam shampoo system leaves all your rugs and floor mats clean and sanitised. With years of experience in car detailing, we know that cleaning the interior of your car is just as important as the exterior. We gently look after every nook and cranny.  

Deep Dry Steam Shampoo Carpets & Floor Mats

Our revolutionary deep dry steam shampoo system cleans, freshens and sanitises all your carpets without attacking the fabric. It removes all impurities and kills 99.9% of the bacteria on your floor and floor mats. We take care of you and your car’s health!

Deep Steam Clean Leather, Vinyl & Plastic

Using ultimate-generation technology and chemical-free cleaning solutions, we fully decontaminate your vehicle’s interior. The Seef state-of-the-art steam vaporisers for leather, vinyl, and plastic deeply cleanse all the leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces inside your vehicle. The steam works its way into the fabric and kills the germs and bacteria hiding in your upholstery and on your plastic surfaces. One puff is all it takes to clean all your leather, vinyl and plastic elements of your vehicle’s interior.

Deep Dry Steam Shampoo for Cloth Seats

Are your vehicle’s seats covered with cloth?  Our Deep Dry Steam Shampoo for cloth seats makes upholstery cleaning easy. We remove all stains and bacteria from your upholstery and protect the fabric against stains, liquid, and dirt.

Seef Pulse Gun Blast

We remove all stains and decontaminate all your carpets and fabric surfaces. Using 100% eco-friendly cleaning agents, we sanitise and refresh the interior of your car with a blast. Our Pulse Gun Blast removes all stains and imperfections from your upholstery and kills 99.9% of the bacteria.

Shampooing & Deodorising

We shampoo and deodorise your vehicle’s interior. High-end, full cleaning services, including complete headliner, window streak-free cleaning, decontaminating AC vents and  deodorising. Because we know that dirty air vents can spread dust and grime can work its way inside the buttons of your radio, we developed a unique set of interior car care services, which includes vacuuming hard-to-reach areas such as these, leaving the interior of your car 100% sanitised.

Here are some examples of our fine Interior Car Care services:
Professional Deep Steam Interior Care
  • Vacuum floor rugs, mats, and hard-to-reach areas

  • Blowout vents, crevices and hard to reach areas deep
  • Dry steam shampoo all carpets and floor mats

  • Deep Dry steam clean and leather, Vinyl, and plastic deer
  • Steam shampoo all cloth seats; or with leather, surface steam clean
  • Seef pulse gun blast all carpet and fabric surface shampoo and deodorise complete headliner
  • Remove all fabric stains and imperfections
  • Interior window streak-free cleaning
  • Polish any mirrors, screens, and wood grain

  • Apply Ozone odour removal

Interior Guard / Ceramic Coating

Requires Professional Deep Interior clean first
Interior Guard creates a hydrophobic coating to protect the leather and fabric seats, carpets, vinyl and plastic surfaces and last up to 24 months.

Ozone odor removal

Our System will produce 1800 mg per hour of ozone, the same system is used in hospitals to kill microbes and bacteria, it kills the odour of cigarettes, cigars, pets, etc.

For an enhanced driving and car spa experience, we also offer mirror polishing, screens, and woodgrain.