SeeF’s cargo bike has attracted the interest of international VCs. There are also many attractive opportunities to explore with us. SeeF are happy to help you!
Wonderful to see more and more car magazines & journalists taking pictures and videos of #seefworld at #belgravialondon are so fascinated about SeeF #savetheplanet #savewater #nochemicals #zeroemissions #gariautility #mekhalfiagroup #amirmekhalfia
“Failure is an unavoidable part of innovation experimentation. Innovation requires the willingness to fail and learn.” - Amir Mekhalfia
I am pleased to see SeeF staff contributing to our Hospitals and London Ambulance Service .
Greener Innovation is at the core of SeeF strategy and culture towards building and shaping the circular economy, and to develop bespoke solutions for our clients.
SeeF getting ready with our finest electric steam cargo vehicles to ensure and continue to be one of the top leading zero-emission, save-water, no-chemical company in London. Also to make sure we play our part to tackle London’s toxic air crisis and the climate change. Watch out for our latest electric cargo bike